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Sterilizer Station is the first step in the CPO production. It utilizes high temperature and steam pressure of average 3.5 kg/cm2 or 50 psig to cook the fresh palm bunches.
Two types of sterilizer that we fabricate : vertical and horizontal sterilizers

Diameter : Ø 2100, Ø 2700, Ø 2800, Ø 3200 (height and length of the shell as per client’s request)
Material : ASTM A 516 GR 70
Capacity : 60 m³ – 160.32 m³

vertical sterilizerhorizontal sterilizer


The cages containing the sterilised fruits, with capacity 5-10 tons, are then to be emptied using a tippler before conveying it thresher drum.



Thresher Drum

Thresher Drums are used to separate the palm fruits from the FFB after the sterilization process. The separated kernels are sent into the pressing section, and the empty fruit bunch will be ejected.

Diameter : Ø 2475 mm x  6000 mm (and all size)
Shaft dimension : BAR EN 19 Ø 240 mm x 7425
Capacity : 45 TPH

thresher drum1

Nut Polishing Drum

The nuts falls by gravity from the fibre separator directly into the nut polishing drum, whose function is to detach the fibres still clinging to the nuts.
Diameter : Ø 1176 mm x 8000
Material : ASTM A 516 GR 70
Capacity : 45 ton TBS/jam


Elevator is the material removal tool is equipped with a bucket used to move material with the horizontal direction (up / down)
Fabrication: adjust to demand
material: Mild steel SS 400


Conveyor is a tool that is used to move material with horizontal trajectory, inclination or a combination.
Fabrication: adjust to demand
material: Mild steel SS 400

Air Lock

Air lock is a device which controls the power of suction associated with material conditions appointee dry (wind)
Air lock size : 320 mm, 480 mm, 800 mm (all size as requested)
Material : Mild Steel SS 400

Back Pressure Vessel

Back Pressure Vessel (BPV) is a vessel that functioning to collect steam that produced by boiler.

Diameter : Ø 1200 mm x 6465 mm
Material : ASTM A 516 GR 70
Capacity : 7,0 M3
Working presure : 3,5 kg/cm2

Sand Filter

Sand filter is used to filtrate water by capturing water particles in the water that cause high turbidity in the water

Dimension : Ø 2500 mm x 1500 mm
Capacity : 30 m³ / hourMedia : Silica Sand
Material : Mild Steel SS 400 12 mm thick

Water Softener

The raw water from natural sources is high in impurities, turbidity, dissolved gasses and mineral contents. The function of water softener is to remove water hardness (calcium, magnesium and other ions) using ion exchange process. Soft water is then pumped into deaerator for deaeration process.

Dimension : Ø 1200 mm x 1800 mm
Material : Mild steel SS 400 thick plate 8 mm


Deaerator is used to remove oxygen and other dissolved gases (such as nitrogen) from the feedwater after water treatment process for boiler. Dissolved oxygen in boiler feedwater can cause serious corrosion damage in the steam system.

Diameter : Ø 1829 mm x 4708 mm
Material : ASTM A 516 GR 70
Volume : 10,41 M3
Capacity : 40 M3 /h
Working presure : 3,5 kg/cm2

Dished End

Dished end is the object that has been formed into a curve through pressing-process, as well as spinning flangging used on the top and bottom of a pressure vessel or a vessel that is not pressurized.
Material: ASTM A516 GR 70 or Mild Steel SS 400
Size: her 1200, dia2100, he was in 2700 (all size – on demand)

Ripple Mill

Ripple mill is used to crack the nuts from shells. The process starts with nuts entering rotor, in which centrifugal forces will separate the palm kernel from shell particles.

Storage Tank

Crude oil storage tank is mainly used as a crude palm oil (CPO) storage during palm oil process. It guarantees a certain storage temperature and good sealing. It is useful for temporary storage of crude palm oil.

Dimension : 18,288 mm x diameter 20,284 mm
Material : Mild Steel SS 400
Capacity : 5000 ton

storage tank